AltaRoma July 2015, one eye on the business of fashion

The trendiest event of this hot summer, Alta Roma in July 2015, offers us the opportunity to know better one of the most important international investors and traders in the financial markets of various levels: Giampaolo Lo Conte. Businessman, but also diplomatic, investor and researcher in the field of business. Lo Conte lives mainly in London and New York, not forgetting its beautiful Rome, the city that gave him birth and that is residence of his house. In this period we met Giampaolo at his Capitoline residence, not to desert one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year: Alta Roma in July 2015. He participated with great interest to a four-day fashion show, events and appointments in the name of fashion and not just the Italian one. Being a big fashion fan, Giampaolo Lo Conte couldn’t certainly miss this initiative. So, despite the many commitments, including that of the Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, the entrepreneur has still found time to participate to Alta Roma.


“I did it for the special attention that I have towards the business of fashion: I mean, fashion covers a significant portion of Italian import-export abroad; the industry is rising again, thanks to the Government’s contributions and to the growth of new partnerships. As always Giampaolo Lo Conte “look towards the feauture” and, being the  great financial expert that he is, he could not consider fashion other thana cutting-edge sector, especially if you think of the 3 million euro allocated by the Ministry of Economic Development for the next two editions of AltaRoma. In addition, the cities like Milan and Florence are about to activate an ongoing collaboration with the capital, opening up new opportunities between the three cities. Lo Conte gives us his opinion on this topic too:”much will depend – says Lo Conte – on how will things will be planned: state funds are not enough, we need a rational plan that looks towards the future, starting from a few days of exhibition.”  May his wishes be fulfilled?