The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018

A few weeks ago the new edition of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was held, a tradition event that every year since 1997 represents an important moment of dialogue between international forces and the main representatives of the business world. Since 2006, the St. Petersburg International Forum has taken advantage of the support and participation of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. Among the participants of this year also the well-known trader and Italian entrepreneur, Giampaolo Lo Conte.
The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum has reached its 22nd edition and today is considered one of the main events of Russian economic debate in the world. The theme of this year, starting from the firm conviction that Russia can finally express all its economic-social and cultural potential, concerns the creation of that Economy of Trust no longer “only possible”, but strongly desirable. We have therefore asked ourselves about all the critical issues that reduce the potential of global growth and about the challenges of the imminent future starting from digital and technological revolutions, to arrive at more sensitive issues such as the energy or demographic crisis. The main objective of the Forum was therefore to analyze and understand how to support economic growth in the light of today’s context, inevitably passing through the bridge of entrustment. In order for the growth rate of the Russian economy to stand at the highest level of the global average, the aspect of trust becomes crucial, in fact it is not possible to talk about growth of investments without presupposing a pact of esteem between consumers, businesses and government, beyond that the systemic development of new infrastructures, new financial instruments, the simplification of administrative bureaucracies.

The thematic areas of SPIEF 2018

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018 was organized into four distinct thematic areas, from the most analytical to the most practical:

Global economy in an era of change
Russia: Exploiting growth potential
Leadership technology
Human capital in the economy

The first panel session, perhaps the most descriptive one, has privileged the story of economic relations within a continuously changing world, analyzing hot topics such as social inequality, the demographic crisis, agro-food critical issues related to the development of energy and technology. In particular, we focused on how to determine a solidarity and philanthropic consumption economy.
The second panel session rewarded instead the discussion about the new challenges that the Russian economy will have to face from now on. At what point is the export of the Russian creative industries? How to reach top positions in the main technological and energy sectors? These are the main questions that we tried to answer. During the panel the results of the national classification of the regional climate for investments were also published and finally there was space for the competition dedicated to Startups, Idea for a Million.
In the third panel, instead, the impact of new technologies in the personal and daily sphere of individuals has been discussed. The participants were able to discuss the use of artificial intelligence in the real economy, of blockchain, of genetic therapy, of digital infrastructures.
The fourth and last panel focused on the transformation of the labor market, digitalisation and implementation of the digital economy.

Why participate in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

The SPIEF is an appointment now essential for all those businessmen and businesses in general who want to be constantly up to date and updated on the main economic debates of the world. It is important to participate in the Forum as it represents an effective platform for business communication: the development of the world economy passes through people and the comparison between them. Inside the Forum there are spaces dedicated to discussion as areas for business meetings, lounges representing foreign countries, theme lounges, areas for business and negotiations.

The motto that subsists at SPIEF is unequivocal: it is the conversations that change the world, the exchange of experiences and skills and all this is made possible by the presence of the world’s greatest leaders of different areas for all Forum days. All seasoned by a strong presence of Russian and international mass media throughout the period of the event; from a broad cultural program; from informal spaces such as sports tournaments and corporate games that feed a friendly and trusting atmosphere among the main actors of the events.
Finally, the SPIEF, thanks to the Roscongress Foundation, provides participants with a Consulting service on investments and support for the development of business projects of foreign companies on the Russian and CIS markets.

Giampaolo Lo Conte at SPIEF 2018

Among the many personalities who took part in this important 2018 event, there is Giampaolo Lo Conte, well-known trader and Italian entrepreneur among the most active in economic contexts on a global level, especially if oriented to new digital technologies. An expert in blockchain and digital currencies, the Italian entrepreneur did not want to miss his contribution to the Russian work tables. We met him during a charity event and we took the opportunity to exchange a couple of jokes with him on the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018

D. Good evening Giampaolo, after the tables of Davos and the G20, another important appointment for you …

A. Let’s say that it was a particularly challenging year from the point of view of “diplomatic meetings” in economics and finance forums. I have collected a lot of positive feelings and ideas for the future, so fatigue definitely goes into the background. Of all the events I attended, I have to say that this International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg has had a special meaning for me.

D. How come? What did you find different than the other Forums and what has involved you the most?

R. Well, first of all I am very interested in the current economic and development policy of Russia. I have some business projects in the field abroad and by attending this Forum I have been able to compare myself with the leading exponents of the global economy. I greatly appreciated the international cooperation initiatives that this year promoted in St. Petersburg

D. We have read on the Internet that for several years you have been active in research on cryptocurrencies and new blockchain technologies. Has this been talked about in St. Petersburg?

I had the opportunity to tickle the subject with some scholars who confirmed my feelings: from blockchain and digital coins you do not go back.