AltaRoma 2015 seconds Giampaolo Lo Conte

Giampaolo Lo Conte, very active  investor and successful trader in international financial markets, lives mainly in London and New York. This time, however, we met him in Rome, the city that houses his residence but, as mentioned, is pleased to see him few times a year. The reason? Alta Roma in July 2015, four days of parades, events, appointments in the name of fashion and not just the Italian one.


“It is true! – He told us in a brief interview issued on the spot, “being here is still a surprise, since I am a great fashion lover.” Yet, busy as he is with his affairs (he recently chaired the important Economic Forum in St. Petersburg), he found the time to be at Alta Roma.


“I did it for the special attention that I have towards the business of fashion: I mean, fashion covers a significant portion of Italian import-export abroad; the industry is rising again, thanks to the Government’s contributions and to the growth of new partnerships. ” Giampaolo Lo Conte refers to the fact that the Ministry of Economic Development has allocated 3 million Euros for the next two editions of AltaRoma. And not only Milan and Florence will initiate an ongoing collaboration with the capital, opening up new opportunities between the three cities, but also: “much will depend – says Lo Conte – on how will things will be planned: state funds are not enough, we need a rational plan that looks towards the future, starting from a few days of exhibition.” How to blame him?