About the Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre

The Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre is a Sovereign, Dynastic, Military and Knightly order, founded by the Emperor Constantine in the year 325. In this Order may belong exclusively people “di specchiata condotta” (of exemplary conduct), as reported on the official website of the Order . Whoever is accepted into the Order is subjected to a ceremony of investiture in two stages: the Religious-Equestrian Preliminary, during which loyalty is sworn and a candle and the Sword are presented; the Solemn Investiture, whose ritual takes place with the sword, mantle and decorations.


The Candidate who manageto to be invested, will receive a diploma with the following sentence: “Egregiae virtutis in signum moresque bonos commended cupientes indita nobis auctoritate atqve at statutorum normam” (having the authority, as best example of virtue, brought upon us both good morals, with the intent to make us eminent, and the basic standard of legal status).


How it is order organized? Structurally, The OBBS is efficiently organized both nationally and internationally: there is a Magisterial Council chaired by the Grand Master, which is the Supreme Organ. Council members meet at the Magistral Office, upon summoning of the Prince Grand Master.

Then there is the Executive Council, which meets every trimester to discuss about the fees and annual taxes paid by National Associations and Grand Priories.


Baron Giampaolo Lo Conte is a part of this very important order, whom we were lucky enough to meet in his studio in London, and we “stole” some impressions of this great honor: “For me it was a significant moment, a prestigious recognition of my personal qualities. OBSS, through its Grand Priory of Italy, reserves as we know the possibility of allowing or not a person in his own order. “


Giampaolo Lo Conte belongs to the Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre from December of 2014 and was able to put to the service of the Order its many activities in the world of international diplomacy, research and consulting, implemented through the promotion of humanitarian, philanthropic, ecumenical and cultural initiatives of the OBSS. Here is a useful link to learn more.